Exams, Debates, Seminars & Interview Guidance

  • Group II Daily Test:

    Exams - Daily & Weekly

    The class will commence early in the morning at 6 am and will continue till 8.00 am, 2nd class and 3rd class will start by 9 am and 11 am respectively. In these 3 classes 3 subjects will taught by respective faculty.

    In the afternoon the related NCERT and ICSE books must be referred by the students and should improve the class notes. Next day at least in 2 subjects the tests will be conducted before (or) after the class. Don't forget that each test is a cumulative test so that after few months you can remember at least something on every aspect of different subjects. This is what is required to get into civil services.

    This process will continue from Monday to Friday and Saturday there will be a discussion and on Sunday the student should write the cumulative test both from the Prelims and Mains point of view.

  • Internalization of Subject

    We believe that any subject can be internalized through discussions & debates. Hence, every day in the afternoon we give importance to these debates on current topics and concepts by forming the students into different groups. Hence the Senior and Junior students will be mixed so that the groups will get benefited.

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  • Seminars On Saturday

  • The classes will be conducted from Monday to Friday. On Saturday each and every student should actively participate in seminar (or) workshop which is monitored by senior beaurocrafts like Sri Mohan Kanda IAS, C.R. Biswal IAS, Dr. A.Ashok IAS, Dr. P.V. Lakshmaiah etc., Apart from mains examinationthis will help the student in personality test i.e, Interview.

  • To tackle the different subjects in Mains exam the student be in a position to write short note on any topic mentioned in the syllabus without revision. Because the time that is available to refer the different subjects during the time of Mains is very less. For example the time that is available to revise both paper I and II general studies is hardly 7 (or) 8 Hrs. as one day prior to that the student will come from examination center by 6 pm and next day morning the exam will start by 9 am.

  • So without internalization of the subjects revision of all subjects is not possible. For example entire Indian society and culture should be revised in not more than one hour. Hence the Saturday programme is very important from morning to evening.

Interview Guidance by Legends

Actually the student should start his preparation with the mode of Interview. Because in Interview one question lead to other question. From each and every answer the board member will ask the other related question. If the student follow this method in prelims and mains he will get the cause & effect relationship in every topic and can remember the facts very easily.

Hence in our institute the teaching methodology will be under the guidance of senior faculty members and Legends in this field so the student will be bold enough to answer any question by following these methods. All students ahould follow this method to crack IAS at early age.

Our Legends in this field are:

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