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Right to Education

"Fund Students, Not schools" is gainig momentum to develop a framework of equity, efficiency,affordability of rendering quality education in India. Cratically Examine (250 words)

Constitutional Office of Governor

"The Office of Governor in Indian political system is a classic case of redundancy and colonial legacy". Comment. (250 words)


pariwartan Scheme

"The issues faced by the stressed power  projects include paucity of funds, lack of power purchase agreements and fuel shortages.Can the pariwartan Scheme for power sector revival  stem the rise in bad loans"  Comment .  (Min. 250 words)

banking reforms

"The Asset reconstruction companies (ARCs) become ineffective organisations to absorb  the burgeoning crisis of non performing assets (NPAs)". Comment .  (Min. 250 words)

Judicial reforms

"There is a urgent need for subordinate judicial reforms to ensure efficient ,economic, effective delivery of  justice to the marginalized communities at best". Comment. (250 words)

Coalition Politics and Indian democracy

"The recurrent collase of coalition goverment of recent times is a mockery of Indian Democracy and peoples mandate", in this context, suggest viable measures that creates a conducive ecosystem to strengthen coalition politics in India. (250 words)

Child Abduction

The Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction is an international treaty that establishes procedures that provide for the prompt return of children wrongfully retained or removed from their habitual residence.


"Its true that indian Society has witnessed significant changes post 1990s as a result of  neo liberlisation reforms" . Comment